We travel around the World meeting with farmers and building sustainable relationships to be able to source the best quality raw Arabica coffee beans. The raw coffee beans are sourced and picked on location from various farms and once selected it is delivered to our main roasting plant located in Melbourne. We have available number of premium high grade specialty coffee blends in place and we also continue to develop new and exciting blends. Not to mention we also roast Organic, Rain Forest & Fair Trade coffee.

We roast daily to ensure all our specialty coffee blends are fresh and deliver a true espresso taste. Once roasted all our specialty coffee blends are recorded and sent to our cupping room for further quality control. Once our team of roasting experts give it a stamp of approval we then pack into our one way valve coffee bags to enable the beans to breathe and maintain further freshness.

All our specialty coffee is roasted with a state of the art Italian fully automatic coffee roaster which enables us to control and develop the true characters of each bean to perfection and provide you with consistency.